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Chemical Burn Rehearsal - Foot Cam Video!

Here's a FOOT CAM clip from one of the Chemical Burn rehearsals, playing "My Weakness" off of the upcoming Raining Anvils album.

We're getting ready to play shows again soon, but we haven't practiced in awhile, so we're diving heavy into rehearsals. For this shot, I placed an iPhone 6 on the floor by my feet, so all the sound you hear is coming from the mic on the phone. And without a doubt, NO TRIGGERS are on these kicks.

So as such, you might tell we're still a bit sloppy, but that's what practice is for. We want to make sure we give you the tightest show we can when we put it on stage, which we're looking to do come May or so.

Anyway...This is one of my favorite tracks to play. It's not very fast (182 bpm), but takes some stamina none the less.

We hope you enjoy.

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