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WE DID IT! Well with Lessons Learned and Pride set Aside, the healthiest thing was to cut all ties and starting anew!

Instagram is still ZERO help for people with Hacked Accounts, so after a few months and 100 attempts of my video Selfie getting declined, it was time to just start over. Now we have our NEW and even MORE SPECIAL Instagram Page. @CHEMICAL_BURN_OFFICIAL Come and Join us on the NON SCAMMED profile and Stay AWAY from the old account. I spent hours on hours warning almost 800 people about the Hacked Account. Here's What's going on! Almost 10 years ago, we put this IG account together to get the word out on the band, but also and more so, document the path to our Second Album Release - Raining Anvils. SO MUCH has happened in Life and to the band members and the surrounding people that helped us on our journey, that after losing all those memories to a Shit Stain Hacker, I went back and copied almost ALL of our previous posts and the Captions from that time. So with very few followers and likes, it was more about the History of the Band and capturing the hard work we put into that album. And Each post I was stealing back was a blast of Memories from that moment, but now with the memories to follow - 10 years later! So I am going to re post the Screen shots of the original posts and then to anyone: Family, Friends, Fans can read some more detail into those moments that have past long ago. And of course we will sprinkle in ALL NEW posts and videos of what's going on today. So this account is mostly for us to recapture and save those memories in a secure, and under our control NEW Account! Please spread the word about the old Hacked CB IG account and Report, Delete or Block it for your own Account Safety! Rock on!


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