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Chemical Burn: Official Release Date and Song Premiere with New Noise Magazine.

Announced this morning, New Noise Magazine premiered the new song “My Weakness,” from Chemical Burn’s forthcoming album Raining Anvils, out August 7th through MegaSonic.

The band comments on the song:

“In light of an ongoing trend of domestic violence in the news – seeing it across the board from celebrities to your next door neighbor – we wrote ‘My Weakness’ with an anti-domestic violence theme, but told it from a different angle. The lyrics are told from the perspective of the aggressor, who feels intense emotions of anger, rage, or broken pride, which then leads to a display of vengeance. We were initially inspired by the Oscar Pistorius case, who is believed to have killed his girlfriend out of a jealous rage. In fact, we originally called the song ‘Blade Runner ‘ as a working title. That seemed to fit the description based on the subject matter, but also the song is fast and explosive, with double bass running most of the way through it.”

Checkout the full article HERE.


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